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Which SUP ATX is Best for You?

IT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW: All SUP ATX Paddle Board models are designed to work fine for ALL Stand Up Paddlers; whether you're male or female, small or large, tall or short, young or old, a beginner or highly skilled, and whether you plan on paddling flat water or surfing waves or wakes.
With that said, SUP ATX offers a wide variety of models to give you the opportunity to choose a paddle board that will best fit your particular interests. Here are a few things to consider in choosing which SUP ATX is best for you....
- The longer and wider the paddle board, the more stable it will be in flat water ie: lakes, bays, calm water, distance paddling in the ocean, but keep in mind longer boards can be used to surf waves, as well.
- The shorter the paddle board the better it will be for surfing waves in the ocean or surfing a boat wake, but keep in mind shorter boards are fine in paddling flat water conditions, as well.
- A single, longer fin is better for maintaining a straight line while paddling. Our 11’ LR boards feature a single fin configuration.
- A shorter, tri-fin configuration is ideal for maneuverability, particularly while surfing waves or boat wakes. All 10’6 and 10’ SUP ATX boards feature a tri-fin configuration.

Please email for ASSISTANCE in determining which SUP ATX paddle board(s) is best for YOU!!!


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"Ordered my stand up paddle board on Monday Jan 31st and it was delivered the morning of Feb 2nd. Peter from SUP ATX Southern California delivered it to my door, he set it up and answered all my questions. SUP ATX is Highly Recommended in my book. Rode the board today and had a blast. Awesome workout too. Thanx SUP ATX." - Jason, San Luis Obispo, CA   More Testimonials...

Why Buy SUP ATX?

SUP ATX is the worldwide leader in manufacturing and selling paddle boards directly online, through retailers and via large national chains. There's a reason for this. By design, SUP ATX has found the perfect balance between quality, cost and volume with the benefit of first starter advantage. Put simply, SUP ATX knows how to make the best quality boards, using long lasting U.S. manufactured durable materials, has developed the most sophisticated packaging and shipping techniques and was founded by an entrepreneur-Internet pioneer who knows how to develop an online brand by connecting with and creating lasting meaningful bonds with the like-minded who care deeply and share a love for the sport of stand up paddling and its associated lifestyle. Combine all of this with the most experienced and knowledgeable management staff in the industry headed by managerial professionals. The result is a globally scalable, well-run organization that has successfully fulfilled its mission to spread the sport of SUP, from oceans to lakes and rivers, providing the best quality equipment, at the most reasonable prices possible, all backed by customer service that is second to none.  
When you invest in a SUP ATX brand Board and Paddle, you're not just buying another piece of water sports equipment. You're becoming a part of a global movement and lifestyle which you and your children will look back upon in years, and even generations to come, and be proud to have been a part of creating.  

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Glossary of Terms

The sport of Stand Up Paddling (or "SUP) is so new, the terms used to identify and describe the sport, as well as the names for the boards used, vary wildly.  "SUP" stands for Stand Up Paddling.  Surfing is often tagged on to the end to describe Stand Up Paddling while surfing waves. Since SUP ATX began popularizing the sport beyond the limitations of ocean surfing spots, most people Stand Up Paddle on flatwater lakes, rivers, bays, and reservoirs even more so than oceans.  So, the sport is often referred to as simply, "SUP", short for, Stand Up Paddling.  Often, paddle boarding is written as two words, but many people now write it as one word.  Namely, paddleboard or paddleboarding, which is how the term "surfboard" came about.  Initially, surf board was written as two words, but as the sport evolved and popularized, surfboards fused into one word.  In conclusion, don't let all the name variations confuse you.  

All these terms refer to the same activity of a person
standing while paddling in some form of water...

 Stand Up Paddling
 Stand Up Paddle Surfing
 Paddle Boarding
 Paddle Surfing
All these terms describe the same thing. Namely, the boards used for Stand Up Paddling...
 SUP Board
 SUP Paddleboard
 Paddle Board
 Stand Up Paddle Board
 Stand Up Paddleboard
 StandUp Paddleboard
 Paddle Surfboard
This is the trailer for the "SUP ATX Stand Up Paddle Journey from Malibu to Austin", executive produced by SUP ATX Founder Nick Matzorkis for The Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Road Trippin" [Californication] has been authorized as the title track.
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